Blind and Sons / adidas Cup Series rules

A. Pool game format

  1. Each team will be placed in a group
    • For Boys, there will be four 5-team groups
    • For Girls, there will be three 6-team groups
  2. Each team will play five games in Pool Play (two 40-minute games on Friday and three 40-minute games on Saturday)
  3. There will be no extra time in Pool Play. Games tied after regulation will count as such.
  4. A guaranteed sixth game will be played on Sunday morning
  5. Each team must have an official roster with numbers and a waiver signed prior to playing in games
  6. Games will be officiated by a two-man system of OHSAA licensed referees

B. Point system

  1. 3 points for a win
  2. 1 point for a tie
  3. Goals For (GF) vs. Goals Against (GA) variable point system

C. adidas Cup Series Semi-Finals

  1. Each team in a pool be placed based on the point system first
  2. If any teams are tied in points they will then be placed based upon head to head competition in Pool Play, i.e. if team (a) is tied with team (b), and team (a) beat team (b) in pool play, then team (a) will be placed ahead of team (b)
  3. If teams are still tied the difference between Goals For and Goals Against will decide (max 4 per match for Boys)
  4. For Boys, if teams are still tied, then the least amount of goals given up will decide
  5. If teams are still tied, coaches will meet and a coin flip will decide placement (do not leave it up to chance)
  6. Teams will be divided after pool play into 3 separate Semi-Final groupings. All other teams will play a consolation game.
    • For Girls:
      • Gold cup will involve the first place finishers in each of the 3 pools, plus the highest ranked 2nd place finisher (wild card). In the semi-finals, the highest seed first place team plays the wild card, unless that wild card is from the same pool as the first place winner. In that case the 2nd ranked 1st place finisher will play the wild card. The remaining 2 teams will play in the other semi-final match.
      • Silver cup will involve two second-place finishers from each of the group of pool play, plus the two highest-rank 3rd place finishers. The highest-ranked 2nd place finisher will play the lowest ranked 3rd place finisher and the lowest ranked 2nd place finisher will play the highest ranked 3rd place finisher unless one of these matchups involves teams from the same pool play. In that case, we will switch the matchups appropriately. (If, after we switch up there is still a match-up involving teams from the same pool play, we’ll revert back to the original scenario.)
      • Bronze cup will involve the lowest 3rd place finisher and the three 4th place finishers. The 3rd place team will face the lowest ranked 4th place team unless they are from the same pool. In that case, the 3rd place team will face the second-ranked 4th place team.
    • For Boys:
      • Gold cup will involve the first place finishers in each of the four pools
      • Silver cup will involve the second place finishers in each of the four pools
      • Bronze cup will involve the third place finishers in each of the four pools
      • For each cup, the first seed will play the fourth seed and the second seed will play the third seed
  7. If the semi-final or final matches remain tied, Sudden Death Penalty kicks will determine a winner. A coin toss by the referee with each team’s captain present will determine who goes first. The winner could be determined in a single round. You must use all 11 players on your roster once prior to using a player a second time.
  8. All teams making the finals will receive a champion or finalist adidas Cup Series award.
  9. Championship teams (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will receive the prized adidas Cup.
OHSAA (Ohio High School Athletic Association) rules apply to all games with the Red card exception—Any player, coach, or parent receiving a Red card will serve a one game suspension in the next scheduled game of the Adidas Cup Series. Any disputes will be adjudicated by the Referee Assignor, the adidas Cup Series Coordinator and the adidas National Soccer Showcase Director.