This is an archived schedule from a previous year. For current information, please visit the Events page.


Junior Spotlight games

Saturday, July 28 at the Ehrnfelt Soccer Complex—Foltz Fields. 7 v 7. 24-minute games.

Team 6:00 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:30 pm
J1 Red Field 8A Field 8A
J2 Blue Field 8A Field 8B
J3 Red Field 8B Field 8B
J4 Blue Field 8B Field 8A
J5 Red Field 8A Field 8A
J6 Blue Field 8A Field 8B
J7 Red Field 8B Field 8A
J8 Blue Field 8B Field 8A
J9 Red Field 8B Field 8A
J10 Blue Field 8A Field 8A

Senior Spotlight games

Saturday, July 28 at the Ehrnfelt Soccer Complex—Foltz Fields. 7 v 7. 24-minute games.

Team 6:45 pm 7:15 pm 7:45 pm 8:15 pm 8:45 pm 9:15 pm
S1 Red Field 7A Field 7A
S2 Blue Field 7A Field 7B
S3 Red Field 7B Field 7B
S4 Blue Field 7B Field 7A
S5 Red Field 7A Field 7A
S6 Blue Field 7A Field 7B
S7 Red Field 7B Field 7B
S8 Blue Field 7B Field 7A
S9 Red Field 7A Field 7A
S10 Blue Field 7A Field 7B
S11 Red Field 7B Field 7B
S12 Blue Field 7B Field 7A


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Last Name Name Organization Team # Grad Year
Allinder Johnston Columbus Academy S1 Red 1 2013
Alvarez Marco Westlake High School S9 Red 1 2013
Amstutz Daniel Ashland High School S11 Red 1 2013
Barnett Nick St. Thomas Aquinas High School S12 Blue 1 2013
Bayonnet Kevin Green High School S12 Blue 8 2013
Beckloff Ryan Midview High School S9 Red 10 2013
Behrens Stephen Port Clinton High School S12 Blue 2 2013
Bell Joe Parma Senior High School S3 Red 1 2013
Bellar Vincent Kenston High School Waitlist 2013
Bildstein James Olmsted Falls High School S4 Blue 1 2013
Bishop Patrick Strongsville High School S1 Red 2 2013
Blackmar Daniel Sylvania Southview High School Waitlist 2013
Blair John Aurora High School Waitlist 2013
Bole Troy Poland Seminary High School S1 Red 3 2013
Bravo Felipe Dover High School S4 Blue 2 2013
Brown Jacob Mansfield Christian School S3 Red 3 2013
Brown Jonathan Port Clinton High School S5 Red 1 2013
Buccilla Nate Pickerington Central High School S5 Red 2 2013
Bucur Andrew St. Peter Chanel High School S5 Red 3 2013
Calta Dale Normandy High School S10 Blue 2 2013
Casto Nicholas Bloom-Carroll High School S5 Red 4 2013
Cendroski Tyler Strongsville High School S6 Blue 1 2013
Cindea Tyler Green High School S3 Red 4 2013
Cochran Will Mansfield Christian School S4 Blue 3 2013
Corbin Keith Clear Fork High School Waitlist 2013
Crozier Ryan Olmsted Falls High School S6 Blue 2 2013
Dahl Gabriel Riverview Community S7 Red 4 2013
Deeds Charles Dover High School S6 Blue 3 2013
Dempsey Alex Clay High School S7 Red 1 2013
Dinger Andrew Ontario High School S8 Blue 1 2013
Duff Eli Warren High School S9 Red 2 2013
Ellis Mitch Ashland High School S8 Blue 10 2013
Federer Logan Pickerington Central High School S7 Red 2 2013
Fisher Kevin Barberton High School S5 Red 5 2013
Foust Brian North Canton Hoover High School S8 Blue 2 2013
Fraser Andrew S.S. Seward Institute S10 Blue 1 2013
Gill Dalton S.S. Seward Institute S12 Blue 3 2013
Gonzalez Jake Amherst Steele High School Waitlist 2013
Graycar Adam Riverside High School Waitlist 2013
Groff Alec Nordonia High School S5 Red 6 2013
Heath Preston Sidney High School S11 Red 2 2013
Heine Christopher Avon Lake High School S5 Red 7 2013
Hergenrather Mark Lake High School S2 Blue 4 2013
Homerick Justin Clear Fork High School S5 Red 8 2013
Hornacek Kyle Lake High School S1 Red 4 2013
Hren Chris Mentor High School S2 Blue 5 2013
Ireland Alec North Ridgeville High School S4 Blue 10 2013
Ireland Marc North Ridgeville High School S7 Red 10 2013
Irwin Benjamin Fairview High School- PA S3 Red 6 2013
Janik Brent Brunswick High School S4 Blue 4 2013
Jeong Youngjoo Strongsville High School S7 Red 3 2013
Jeremic Mile Parma Senior High School S6 Blue 5 2013
Jordan Colin Marietta High School S8 Blue 3 2013
Kahlmeyer Jeffrey Corning District High School S10 Blue 3 2013
Keene Jordan Pickerington Central High School Waitlist 2013
Kingan Clay Green High School S5 Red 9 2013
Kinkela Michael Poland Seminary High School S11 Red 3 2013
Klubnik Aaron Buckeye High School S2 Blue 6 2013
Koch Nicholas Warren High School S6 Blue 6 2013
Koski Alex Elyjah Corning District High School S6 Blue 11 2013
Kupetz Caleb Buckeye High School S8 Blue 4 2013
Levin Jonathon Olmsted Falls High School S7 Red 5 2013
Lindemeyer Christopher Cloverleaf High School S4 Blue 5 2013
Maloy Jacob Lake High School S2 Blue 3 2013
McAndrew Connor Pickerington Central High School S11 Red 4 2013
McNamee III Charles Lutheran West High School S6 Blue 7 2013
McQuillan Adam Olmsted Falls High School S10 Blue 5 2013
Meister Christian Ontario High School S7 Red 6 2013
Millet IV Columbus Rutherford B. Hayes High School S9 Red 4 2013
Moody Bailey Midpark High School S12 Blue 4 2013
Moore Kurt Rittman High School S8 Blue 5 2013
Mowrer Bryce Northwestern High School S1 Red 5 2013
Musselman Nate Green High School S1 Red 6 2013
Nagpal Sven St. Peter Chanel High School S2 Blue 7 2013
Nance Kyle Harrison S3 Red 7 2013
Nascembeni James Midpark High School S9 Red 5 2013
Neitzelt Phoenix Rutherford B. Hayes High School S4 Blue 6 2013
Neumann Nicholas Strongsville High School S11 Red 5 2013
Nolan Thomas Columbus Academy S12 Blue 10 2013
Palaj David S.S. Seward Institute Waitlist 2013
Patino Logan Bloom-Carroll High School S3 Red 8 2013
Paul Nathan Mansfield Christian School S6 Blue 8 2013
Pavlek Marcello St. Thomas Aquinas High School S10 Blue 10 2013
Plumb Cole Amherst Steele High School S8 Blue 6 2013
Price Patrick Cardinal Mooney High School S10 Blue 4 2013
Priddy Kristopher Springboro High School S10 Blue 6 2013
Ragozzine Matthew St. Peter Chanel High School Waitlist 2013
Raimondo Greg Normandy High School S9 Red 6 2013
Reade Nick Pickerington Central High School S2 Blue 8 2013
Ricketts R. Dillon Pickerington Central High School S10 Blue 7 2013
Rowell Brandon Orchard View S11 Red 6 2013
Sabol Scott Barberton High School S7 Red 8 2013
Samsel Jacob Olmsted Falls High School S3 Red 9 2013
Sanchez Jr. Thomas S.S. Seward Institute S8 Blue 7 2013
Scherer August St. Peter’s High School S11 Red 10 2013
Schmauch Zachary Pickerington Central High School S1 Red 7 2013
Schott Adam Green High School S4 Blue 7 2013
Schultz Spencer Midpark High School S8 Blue 8 2013
Seybert Dylan Canfield High School S2 Blue 9 2013
Sgombick John S.S. Seward Institute S11 Red 7 2013
Shelton Keanu Austintown-Fitch High School S12 Blue 6 2013
Shousher Dean Clay High School S1 Red 8 2013
Silvis Bradley Rocky River High School S12 Blue 7 2013
Smith Kevin S.S. Seward Institute S9 Red 7 2013
Smith Rahem Warren G. Harding High School S10 Blue 8 2013
Spangler Zachary Bloom-Carroll High School S2 Blue 10 2013
Starck Jay Ashland High School Waitlist 2013
Stephano Matt Strongsville High School S5 Red 10 2013
Sykes Kyle Barberton High School S11 Red 8 2013
Taylor Austin Beaver Local High School S11 Red 9 2013
Urig Brad Midview High School S6 Blue 9 2013
Vartorella Dominic Parma Senior High School S4 Blue 8 2013
Vehovec Matthew Mentor High School Waitlist 2013
Vinciguerra Tanner Green High School S7 Red 9 2013
Vitale Joe Riverview Community S10 Blue 9 2013
Wade Nathan North Ridgeville High School S9 Red 9 2013
Wallenhorst Sean Strongsville High School Waitlist 2013
Wargo Brian Midpark High School Waitlist 2013
Wilkinson Michael Fairview Park High School (Ohio) S1 Red 9 2013
Williams Matthew Northwestern High School S6 Blue 10 2013
Woodruff Adam Olmsted Falls High School S8 Blue 9 2013
Yurik Tyler Buckeye High School S12 Blue 9 2013
Zwarg Zachary Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy S1 Red 10 2013
Adamescu Josh St. Peter’s High School Waitlist 2014
Au Brandon Ontario High School J1 Red 1 2014
Bakker Zachary S.S. Seward Institute J10 Blue 1 2014
Balash Brandon Mentor High School J10 Blue 8 2014
Beckman Aaron Lutheran West High School J3 Red 1 2014
Bencina Chad Willoughby South High School J3 Red 10 2014
Brass Ryan Mentor High School J6 Blue 1 2014
Browsky Dalton Aurora High School J1 Red 2 2014
Brunett Joshua Harrison J6 Blue 2 2014
Carey Nathan Mentor High School J2 Blue 1 2014
Chatfield Benjamin Riverview Community J10 Blue 2 2014
Clark Matthew North Ridgeville High School J2 Blue 2 2014
Cochran Josh Mansfield Senior High School J3 Red 2 2014
Collins Danny S.S. Seward Institute Waitlist 2014
Cuzo Zackery S.S. Seward Institute J2 Blue 3 2014
Deardorff Cameron Kenton High School J3 Red 8 2014
Dishman Tyson Ashland High School Waitlist 2014
Easterling Blake Barberton High School J5 Red 1 2014
Eedy Colin Mentor High School J4 Blue 1 2014
Eldridge Hayden Mansfield Senior High School J6 Blue 3 2014
Faykus Matt Parma Senior High School J4 Blue 2 2014
Furness Kevin Corning District High School J5 Red 2 2014
Gardiner James S.S. Seward Institute J4 Blue 3 2014
Gardner Joel Lake High School Waitlist 2014
Gaylor Brady Sidney High School J4 Blue 4 2014
Gerberich Joel Revere High School J1 Red 4 2014
Goforth Alex Corning District High School J2 Blue 5 2014
Haefner Derek Farmington J9 Red 1 2014
Hartley Ian Coshocton High School Waitlist 2014
Hayes Dean Strongsville High School J9 Red 2 2014
Hedges Nick Bloom-Carroll High School J5 Red 3 2014
Henderson Colton Mansfield Senior High School J7 Red 2 2014
Hershberger Joel Lake High School J10 Blue 8 2014
Hrusovsky Eric Padua Franciscan High School Waitlist 2014
Huck Brent Marietta High School J2 Blue 6 2014
Jeong Youngbin Strongsville High School J8 Blue 1 2014
Katoch Tommy Mentor High School Waitlist 2014
Kawesa Isaac Farmington J8 Blue 5 2014
Kisel Chad North Ridgeville High School J8 Blue 2 2014
Krieg Brian Pickerington Central High School Waitlist 2014
Kuhns Troy Salem High School J9 Red 3 2014
Kulaszewski Adam Riverview Community J2 Blue 4 2014
Labbato Reid Strongsville High School J6 Blue 6 2014
Lagania Jake North Royalton High School J7 Red 4 2014
Lamping Zack Poland Seminary High School J1 Red 5 2014
Lazor Bennett Aurora High School J10 Blue 11 2014
Lekovic Ramo S.S. Seward Institute Waitlist 2014
Lombardo Jacob Mentor High School J7 Red 5 2014
Lynch Wyatt Warren High School J8 Blue 3 2014
Lyons Ben SP United J9 Red 4 2014
Marianut Jesse Brunswick High School J4 Blue 5 2014
Marucci Scott Poland Seminary High School J6 Blue 5 2014
McDonald Jonathan Lake High School J4 Blue 6 2014
McNeill Noah Mentor High School J1 Red 6 2014
Metz Derek Mansfield Senior High School J10 Blue 5 2014
Millard Matthew Mansfield Christian School J10 Blue 6 2014
Mitschke Zachary North Ridgeville High School J1 Red 7 2014
Moore Adam Strongsville High School J5 Red 4 2014
Moore Cameron North Ridgeville High School J4 Blue 7 2014
Napier Connor Pickerington Central High School J2 Blue 7 2014
Neitzelt Bryan Rutherford B. Hayes High School J3 Red 5 2014
Neumann Jakob Clear Fork High School J3 Red 6 2014
Nickel Brian North Canton Hoover High School J7 Red 6 2014
Novak Lucas Aurora High School J2 Blue 8 2014
Olen Matt Parma Senior High School J8 Blue 4 2014
Oress Danny Willoughby South High School J5 Red 5 2014
Oswald Daniel Buckeye High School J6 Blue 7 2014
Pavlick Justin Aurora High School Waitlist 2014
Payerchin Dominic Cloverleaf High School J4 Blue 8 2014
Payne Michael Olmsted Falls High School J5 Red 6 2014
Petrash Stephen Padua Franciscan High School J5 Red 7 2014
Petty Kolin Bloom-Carroll High School Waitlist 2014
Pierce Eric Marietta High School J7 Red 7 2014
Platt Sam Padua Franciscan High School J9 Red 6 2014
Pullar Jacob Padua Franciscan High School J1 Red 8 2014
Pullar Owen Padua Franciscan High School J6 Blue 8 2014
Pyle Zachary Clear Fork High School J1 Red 9 2014
Quinn Caleb Salem High School J1 Red 10 2014
Radojkovic Nikola Valley Forge High School Waitlist 2014
Raimondo Anthony Normandy High School J4 Blue 9 2014
Reale Nicholas Green High School Waitlist 2014
Renner Kyle Ontario High School J8 Blue 6 2014
Robinson Thomas Bloom-Carroll High School J8 Blue 7 2014
Romano Ben Padua Franciscan High School J8 Blue 8 2014
Rowell Dalton Hudson High School J9 Red 10 2014
Rowell Dalton Hudson High School J9 Red 10 2014
Rusinko George Buckeye High School J5 Red 8 2014
Saddler Michael Elyria Catholic High School J9 Red 5 2014
Smith Kyle Independence High School J10 Blue 10 2014
Snyder Ridge Rutherford B. Hayes High School J6 Blue 9 2014
Stepic Donald Holy Name High School J8 Blue 9 2014
Swetlic Luke St. Peter Chanel High School J7 Red 8 2014
Tatebe Micah Warren G. Harding High School J2 Blue 10 2014
Telep Jonathan Strongsville High School J10 Blur 4 2014
Timken Alexander Cloverleaf High School J2 Blue 9 2014
Tompkins Andrew Fairview High School- PA J6 Blue 10 2014
Tostanoski Nicholas Corning District High School J7 Red 9 2014
Uhrig Brennan Marietta High School J3 Red 7 2014
VanDyke Sam Clear Fork High School J9 Red 7 2014
Venman Brock Mentor High School J9 Red 8 2014
Vestal Tyler Austintown-Fitch High School J8 Blue 10 2014
Vuillemot Karsten Clear Fork High School J5 Red 9 2014
Wardle Noah Cloverleaf High School J9 Red 9 2014
Watkins Nathaniel Cloverleaf High School J7 Red 10 2014
Weisbarth Joshua Strongsville High School J7 Red 1 2014
Winkel Zach North Ridgeville High School J3 Red 9 2014
Yanetta Michael Strongsville High School J10 Blue 9 2014
Zaatar Moussa Harrison J4 Blue 10 2014
Zuk Collin Cloverleaf High School J5 Red 10 2014