This is archived information from a previous year. For current information, please visit the Events page.
The 2014 Boys Freshman Top Flight games took place on the evening of Friday, July 25 at the Ehrnfelt Soccer Complex.

Games and schedule

11 vs 11. 35 minute games.

Team 6:00 pm 6:40 pm 7:20 pm 8:00 pm
F1 Blue Field 7 Field 7
F2 Red Field 7 Field 7
F3 Blue Field 7 Field 7
F4 Red Field 7 Field 7

Team rosters

The rosters were last updated on July 22.

Team # First Name Last Name Organization Primary Position
F1 Blue GK Jack McNeill St. Edward Goalkeeper
F1 Blue 1 Dan French Aurora midfield
F1 Blue 2 Nathan Maxwell Aurora center mid
F1 Blue 3 Carter Munsterman Berea-Midpark Forward
F1 Blue 4 Nicholas Felician Brunswick Center Mid.
F1 Blue 5 Jordan Morris Elyria Catholic Defense
F1 Blue 6 Ryan Zarrinmakan Gilmour Academy Forward
F1 Blue 7 Duke Crawford North Ridgeville Left Forward
F1 Blue 8 NICHOLAS GUTIA North Ridgeville left forward
F1 Blue 9 Alex Politowski Olmsted Falls Defender
F1 Blue 10 Kevin Lemin Olmsted Falls Right or left mid
F1 Blue 11 Andrew male Ontario Outside Mid
F1 Blue 12 Allan Mackey Rittman Midfielder
F1 Blue 13 Dylan Keelin Rocky River center midfield
F1 Blue 14 Bryan Kern Rocky River Attacking Midfielder
F1 Blue 15 Tommy Paltani St. Edward Midfield
F1 Blue 16 Carl Anderson Wiloughby South defense
F2 Red GK Shelby Edwards Olmsted Falls Goal Keeper
F2 Red 1 Kyle Mantin Amherst Steele midfielder
F2 Red 2 Bryce Ulrich Anthony Wayne Midfield
F2 Red 3 matthew martin Ashland High School defense outside
F2 Red 4 Andrew Sobodosh Aurora Defender
F2 Red 5 Mike French Aurora striker
F2 Red 6 Antonio Demonte Brunswick Center Midfield
F2 Red 7 Shaye Joyce Buckeye outside midfield
F2 Red 8 Ted Jacobs Gilmour Academy forward
F2 Red 9 Jeremy Jackson North Ridgeville center back defense
F2 Red 10 Vincent Van Riper Norton Center Mid
F2 Red 11 Rylan Wikle Olmsted Falls mid
F2 Red 12 Dan Lamport Ontario Fullback
F2 Red 13 Zach Konrad Rocky River Forward
F2 Red 14 Brendon Maurer South Range forward
F2 Red 15 Brandon Youngs South Range Midfielder
F2 Red 16 Andrew Hussar St. Thomas Aquinas Midfield
F3 Blue GK Andrew Buderer Oak Harbor goalkeeper
F3 Blue 1 Allen Matakovich Amherst Steele forward
F3 Blue 2 Tucker Ramirez Anthony Wayne Midfield
F3 Blue 3 Jack Samuelson Archbishop Hoban Forward
F3 Blue 4 Noah Bridges Bloom-Carroll midfield
F3 Blue 5 Kyle Wolf Brunswick Defender
F3 Blue 6 Attila Nagy Lakewood center midfield
F3 Blue 7 Gary Browning North Ridgeville defense
F3 Blue 8 Tyler Lovett Oak Harbor center mid
F3 Blue 9 Chase Fernkorn Olmsted Falls Outside Midfielder
F3 Blue 10 Dan Cleary Olmsted Falls Right Mid
F3 Blue 11 Alec Baldasare Ontario Striker/Forward (Left Side)
F3 Blue 12 Reese Babuder South Range Mid
F3 Blue 13 Patrick Gray St. Edward Mid field
F3 Blue 14 Jack Wagner St. Vincent – St. Mary Forward
F3 Blue 15 Trevor Hamm Strongsville Center Defender
F3 Blue 16 Brandon Davidson Valley Forge Left Wing
F4 Red GK Dominic Baglier Berea-Midpark Goalkeeper
F4 Red 1 Ryan Rigsby Amherst Steele Mid
F4 Red 2 Nicholas Sheldon Archbishop Hoban midfielder
F4 Red 3 Avery McMaster Aurora Center Defensive Mid
F4 Red 4 Evan Taylor Bay Midfielder/Inside or Out
F4 Red 5 Nick Demonte Brunswick Midfield
F4 Red 6 Jacob LeSane NPYSA FORCE L striker
F4 Red 7 Nick Damron Oak Harbor Forward
F4 Red 8 Jeremy McClanahan Oak Harbor Forward
F4 Red 9 Ryan Kolonick Olmsted Falls Left Back
F4 Red 10 Charles Watters Olmsted Falls defender
F4 Red 11 Logan Osborne Ontario Center Midfield
F4 Red 12 Brendan Rosenthal Strongsville Midfielder
F4 Red 13 Joshua Straw Valley Forge Defense
F4 Red 14 Thomas Malacky Warren G Harding Forward
F4 Red 15 Gage Davis Wiloughby South Center Mid